Steve Anderson - Fine Artist, Firearms Engraver, Master Model Maker

Steve Anderson specializes in aviation art and scale models of WWI and WWII combat aircraft, with a special focus on Baron Manfred von Richthofen – the legendary Red Baron. Other favorite WWI aces include Ernst Udet, James McCudden, Werner Voss, and Raoul Lufbery. Steve also is an engraver specializing in firearms. He is an Associate member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild.

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Third in the series on aviation art of well-known artists, this full-color book presents the aviation art of award- winning artist Steve Anderson, who among his other achievements creates the box art for the stunning Wingnuts Wings models. This lavishly illustrated book features: • 61 color paintings by Steve Anderson, 29 are Wingnuts Wings box art • 38 color photos of museum and reproduction aircraft • 230 WWI-era photographs • A chapter by Steve Anderson on how he creates his art • Chapters by noted WWI aviation historians Javier Arango, Lance Bronnenkant, Tom Crean, Jon Guttman, Adrian Hellwig, Jack Herris, Bernard Klaeyle, Jim Miller, Mike O'Neal, Bob Pearson, Alex Revell, Ed Soye, Greg VanWyngarden, Paolo Varriale, and Jim Wilberg • Forward by Sir Peter Jackson, long-time WWI aviation fan and renowned producer of the stunning Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Buy on Amazon!

Anderson Aviation Art-On the Way

Fine Art Painting

Steve is an avid historian on the first two World Wars. His original oil or watercolor paintings, limited edition prints on canvas (giclee) or paper, and airplane models reflect a scrupulous attention to historically accurate detail, from the markings on the planes to the time of day of an actual event. Sometimes his work showcases a particular airplane. Other times, it chronicles a famous dogfight or air battle. Much of his work is by special commission, and is in the collections of the U.S. Navy, as well as descendents of some of the great aviation heroes of WWI. Steve is an Artist Fellow, American Society of Aviation Artists. (ASAA)



"I was four when Grandpa bought my replica factory-engraved nickel plated Colt Peacemaker revolving cap guns. Those guns were so big the barrels hung down to my knees, and extra holes had to be punched in the gun belt just to hold them up. That day was the beginning my fascination with engraved firearms.

Some have referred to the engraving of firearms as “steel canvas.” I think of it as the ultimate challenge. Engraving takes complete concentration, planning, and execution. You can’t erase it or paint over it. There can be no mistakes.

I continue to study the works of Gustave Young, L.D. Nimschke, and the Ulrich brothers. I consider them the true masters of the 19th Century. I am a self-taught engraver and as an artist and designer, the right tools have enabled me to pursue my life-long dream."

Anderson-Victory Model

Scale Models & Sculpture

Aside from being a painter and watercolorist of rare skill, Steve has considerable expertise in the area of building scale models. He and his former partner, Simon Smith, won primetime Emmy awards for their 26 ft. working scale model of the World War II U.S. Fleet submarine used in the ABC television mini-series of Herman Wouk’s “War and Remembrance.” Steve was also a Senior Show Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering, where accurate scale models were a requisite for successful projects, such as his Astro-Orbiter for the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida.

Steve’s airplane models are usually hand-built from scratch in scales that range from 1:32 to as large as 1:4.  They are of extremely high quality, very finely crafted with every attention to historical and proportional accuracy. Steve often works from copies of original plans for the planes, using information amassed in his extensive research library.

The 1:64 scale Admiralty model of HMS Victory (pictured above) has been an ongoing project since 1991. The 42 inch long model is completely scratch built, plank on frame, including the cannons.

We hope you enjoy browsing Steve’s site. He is available for special commissions of historically accurate paintings, murals, and stunning scale models. Please contact us to discuss your idea and we will be pleased to give you a quote as soon as possible.

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